Drowning In Mail

JavaOne is over but I am still very busy so please be patient if you sent me an email about JavaOne demos. I received many requests and I will do my best to reply to each of you as fast as I can. Thanks a lot to all of you who sent me feedback about our JavaOne sessions, we really appreciate it!

5 Responses to “Drowning In Mail”

  1. Augusto says:

    The filthy rich clients and extreme makeover sessions were great, congrats.

    I thought it was kind of funny that you were coding a Groovy demo too, while they were given the talks. Talk about a time crunch!

    Anyways, I think I have a good guess of what your Google project is. Maybe we should set up a competition to see who guesses right when it’s public. I won’t post my guess here, but I’m thinking it’s a good one :-)

  2. Romain Guy says:

    Coding the Groovy demo “live” was quite funny indeed. Next time I won’t cheat and create a brand new demo.

  3. Hi,
    I Have some questions regarding Java2D how should I approach you. I put some mails to your mail id romain.guy@mac.com but I am not recieving any response.
    Is this the correct mail-id.
    Dhilshuk Reddy

  4. Romain Guy says:

    Dhilshuk: Have you read this blog entry? I just said I have tons of mail to take care of. And if you send email and I don’t reply, my apologies. I just can’t reply to everybody, although I’m doing my best. Note that it depends a lot on the content of your email ;-)

  5. Romain,
    There is no reason for which you should apology me.
    >I am sorry if hurt you.
    >I always admire your work on Swing.
    >I am just a beginner in swing and need advices from a expert like you.
    >I don’t know which could the be right channel to communicate with you whether through this weblog or email.