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Yosemite, Mono Lake and Bodie

This weekend, I went to Yosemite with a friend of mine. We also took the time to visit Bodie, a ghost town located about 20 miles from the east side of the park. Here are some of the pictures I shot there:






Yellow vs Blue

Panorama Mono Lake

Deep Blue

Panorama Tuolumne Meadows

In the Mountains

Et Au Milieu Coule Une Rivière


Yosemite Fall

Mirror Lake

9 Responses to “Yosemite, Mono Lake and Bodie”

  1. Liam Don says:

    Great photos, the one of the bear is amazing!

  2. Jim Powell says:

    Great pics dude, see you were in my neck of the woods again. You lucked out, as many times as I’ve been up there, and throughout the Sierra, I’ve still never seen a bear.

  3. These are awesome man, are these edited at all in some imaging program or just straight from the camera? Great job.

  4. Romain Guy says:

    I shoot only RAW files, so no, they are not “straight” from the camera.

  5. peter says:

    Nice pictures. Can outline what steps you take to modify the pictures?

  6. Romain Guy says:

    peter: Mostly tone correction, white balance adjustement, cropping and sharpening.

  7. Milind says:

    Fantastic photos Romain. Can’t decide what you are better at – coding or taking photos. Don’t stop doing either!

  8. Romain Guy says:

    Thanks! One thing is for sure, taking pictures is more fun :)