Demos for Filthy Rich Clients (Book + Talk)

Chet and I just started uploading the source code of the demos shown in our book. The source code is available at We will release the source code incrementally until the printed version of the book comes out early August. Right now, you can download the demos of Chapter 2, Swing Rendering Fundamentals. Unless specified otherwise, all the demos are released under the BSD license.

If you were at JavaOne and attended our various Filthy Rich Clients sessions, then you’ll want to look at those demos too.

2 Responses to “Demos for Filthy Rich Clients (Book + Talk)”

  1. Peter says:

    Hi Romain,

    I checked the website but cannot find the link to download the files. The download section states that there are no files.

  2. Romain Guy says:

    It’s in the CVS…