Source Code and Demos for Chapter 4 (Images)

I just uploaded the source code for the demos of the fourth chapter of our book. The source code of the demos are available in the CVS repository. Chapter 4 focuses on images and contains explanations on how to resize images efficiently.

5 Responses to “Source Code and Demos for Chapter 4 (Images)”

  1. Agustín Martín says:

    The entry “Why Safari 3 is Great, Part 2” seems to be broken. Nothing is showing up in firefox :-)

  2. Agustín Martín says:

    BTW, great work, I’m waiting for FRC to hit the virtual shelves to get a nice printed copy :-)

  3. Romain Guy says:

    Hmm it works on my Firefox :(

  4. Romain Guy says:

    Augustin: The WordPress JavaScript code for statistics was preventing Firefox *on Windows* to load the page…

  5. Agustín Martín says:

    Lol, serves me right for using windows, but not my call.
    Only linux at home though :-)