New Web Site

Chet just uploaded, the web site I designed for our upcoming book, Filthy Rich Clients.

Filthy Rich Clients Web Site

We will try to make the demos and their source code available on this web site as zip archives. For the time being, the web site offers a link to the project page where you can find the CVS repository. This web site is still very much a work in progress and has been tested only with a few web browsers so please forgive me would you encounter any problem.

Update: The web site has now been tested, fixed and tested again with Internet Explorer 6. You should now be able to view the web site in good conditions.

21 Responses to “New Web Site”

  1. Julien says:

    Looks good ;-)

  2. Romain Guy says:

    Thanks. Not as good as the mockup though :( And there are still issues I want to fix (like the “clipped” scrolling animation on the right side).

  3. David says:

    I noticed that, on the main page, when I try to rotate the book with my mouse, nothing happens.

    Additionally, no animated fireworks (with obligatory reflections) emerge from behind the book. I waited ten minutes. Nothing. Perhaps for Bastille Day?

    Otherwise, very good.

  4. behumble says:

    Did you check the site with IE6 or lower?
    It looks ugly unlike with Safari or FF.
    IE6 doesnot support alpha components in 24bit PNG.

  5. Romain Guy says:

    As I said, I tried only with a few browsers and it’s a work in progress. And I know that IE 6 does not support alpha channel in PNG. And I don’t care for now.

  6. weebib says:

    FYI, works and looks good on Opera (Windows and Mac).

  7. Romain, I know you don’t care about IE6, but would you at all be interested in knowing what it looks like? If so I can send you a screenshot of it. Let me know, it’s fairly interesting to say the least! ;)

  8. Romain Guy says:

    Jeffrey, thanks but a friend already sent me a screenshot, and it’s a total mess indeed. I plan on supporting IE6 but I need to write a specific stylesheet for it apparently.

  9. Nah, IE6 needs to be put out to pasture like the dead bloated cow it is… :) Glad you saw it though, made me have a good chuckle at how sad IE6 really is! To bad my office still requires it, haha. :\

  10. Romain Guy says:

    If you disable the CSS the web site should be perfectly usable though :)

  11. Magnus says:

    There’s a simple javascript fix available to get alpha support with png’s in IE6. Take a look here ->

  12. Romain Guy says:

    Magnus, I know how to fix transparent PNG in IE6 but this is not the problem. The layout is completely screwed up too :)

  13. Magnus says:

    Hadn’t noticed. Looks the same in IE6 and firefox here, except the png’s

  14. Romain Guy says:

    Hmm, I need to find a copy of IE6 then :) Thanks for the info, I’ll use your link to fix PNG asap.

  15. Romain Guy says:

    I used Magnus link to fix the web site for IE 6. I also included a minor fix for IE 7. Enjoy :)

  16. Hapepe82 says:

    “Multiple IE” may be a solution to test a website design in different IE incarnations:

    It allows you to install specific IE versions “standalone” along each other on a windows system.

    Maybe this helps?

    BTW: Thanks for sharing so much great ideas, concepts and sourecode with the community! :)

  17. Hapepe82 says:

    PS: the site design still does not work in my IE6, but is perfectly shown in my Firefox! ;-)

  18. Romain Guy says:

    Hapepe82: I used MultipleIE to test the web site on IE6 and that’s how I’m sure it works on IE6.

  19. Hapepe82 says:

    you’re right, now the design works in my IE6 as well, maybe I had a “cached” version of the page for some reason.

    Still not working is the transparent display of the PNGs:

    I am looking forward to your book in print! :)

  20. Ella Rachman says:

    Thank you!

  21. Zlog Vladimir says:

    Thank you Romain for all your work.
    And maybe you can add the source code from this website for student’s that are teaching how to make websites. :)