.Mac Now With 10GB

Following today’s event, Apple just published the announcement of an update to .Mac, their web-based storage and sharing solution. Previously limited to 1 GB of data, including email and WebDAV, .Mac now offers 10 GB of storage.

I am very excited about this announcement as it will make .Mac even more useful to me. I use it to store all my email (IMAP), address book, bookmarks, calendars, some public files (WebDAV) and backup the most important files from my computer. 1 GB was more enough for my email but my files felt a bit cramped.

I always liked .Mac for the IMAP account and the great webmail interface, and it has just gotten better.

5 Responses to “.Mac Now With 10GB”

  1. Aves says:

    Yeah but $99 is still expensive when you use only mail, address book and calendar.

  2. Romain Guy says:

    I don’t think it’s too expensive given how much I use email :)

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