New Photo Gallery with iLife 08

I just created a new photo web gallery using iPhoto 08 and the result is great. I am a heavy user of Lightroom, Photoshop CS3 and other complex tools but iPhoto 08 is really tempting. It’s clean and simple.

iPhoto 08

8 Responses to “New Photo Gallery with iLife 08”

  1. bodo says:

    How do you organize your pictures? I am using Lightroom, too. But mixing LightRoom and iPhoto seems impossible. I would like to store Photos in iPhoto and edit them in Lightroom. Why can’t Adobe integrate into iPhoto ?

  2. Romain Guy says:

    I organize everything in Lightroom (even though I prefer Aperture by far.) I only use iPhoto in rare occasions.

  3. Fran├žois says:

    It is decided, I’ll buy mac the next week!!

    Romain, congratulations for your web site, it’s always very interesting :P

  4. Andrew says:

    If you like aperture so much then why do you use lightroom? I’m a very heavy iPhoto user and have been contemplating moving to aperture instead. I’ve played with lightroom a little bit, but as you all have stated, it doesn’t integrate with iPhoto at all. You can say where your photos are, but it doesn’t handle the iPhoto Library structure (i.e. thumbnails, originals, current). Aperture does much better, but it runs slow on my 1st gen MacBook with 2GB of ram…I think it is the graphics card…so I stick with iPhoto editing in CS3. I have to tell you that I love the way iPhoto manages your library though. It is not very friendly to browsing through the finder/terminal, but from a function standpoint, it is great. Does light room make a copy of the orig file before editing them so you can revert back if you want to?

  5. Romain Guy says:

    Aperture and Lightroom are very different from iPhoto and are mostly meant to handle large collections of RAW files (where you potentially have dozens of shots of a same subjects.) I don’t quite see why Lightroom should support iPhoto’s library structure. Anyway, as in Aperture, Lightroom applies only non-destructive edits to pictures. There is no need to make a copy of the original file since the original file is never modified.

    I use Lightroom because I prefer some of its editing tools (Clarity, Vibrance and the Sharpening) and because I like the fact it exports all the keywords in the XMP files, which Aperture does not. However, Aperture is much better at organizing the files, especially when, like me, you use several hard drives to store your files. Lighroom’s collections are no match for Aperture’s projects/foders/albums/smart albums.

  6. Duane Gran says:

    I use aperture myself, mostly because I anticipate that many of the usability features of iPhoto gradually make their way into aperture.

    Very nice photo work. You have a good eye for composition.

  7. Thomas Andres says:

    I still have the old version of iPhoto and looking at your gallery, I wonder if I get the nice layout, looks, … if I upgrade iPhoto or if I also need to use a .Mac account? I’m becoming a father in a few days and think about how to publish the baby photos :-)

  8. Romain Guy says:

    I think you need a .Mac account but I could swear on this.