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Beauty of San Francisco

Here are a few pictures I shot today. The first one shows a panoramic view of San Francisco, its bay and the Golden Gate. It was a beautiful clear day and I’m very happy I was able to take this shot. The next two pictures were taken from Twin Peaks and show downtown San Francisco by night. Finally, there’s a picture of the palace of fine arts and of a wild vulture I saw not far from the Golden Gate.

Golden Gate Panorama

Twin Peaks at Night

Twin Peaks at Night



7 Responses to “Beauty of San Francisco”

  1. alberto says:

    Wonderful night shots!! I’m a great fan of panoramas but yours are truly impressive.

    Your SF photos take me back to my ’05 summer holidays Thx!!

    BTW Good luck at Google!!

  2. Francois says:

    I like, on the first picture, the feeling that I can observe the curve of the earth ;o)

  3. John Preston says:

    Great photo’s. What camera did you use, and was there any special processing that you did, especially for the night shots.

  4. Romain Guy says:

    John, thanks! All my equipment is listed here: http://www.curious-creature.org/2007/08/09/photo-equipment/

    I did not use any special processing, except the usual RAW development settings in Lightroom/Camera RAW.

  5. What breathtaking photos! I love San Francisco and I hope to go back for a lengthy visit sometime.