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Night and Sunset

More pictures from San Francisco.

Downtown San Francisco

From Treasure Island

Golden Gate Pier

Sunset Boat

6 Responses to “Night and Sunset”

  1. Henrik Mohr says:

    Awesome – how did you get the first picture as sharp as you did? Did you take more than one photo, and merge them afterwards? I’m pretty amazed by the fact, that you can see what is written on many of the signs, i.e. “Diet Coke”.

    The clarity of the details in the dark regions are also amazing..

    And how did you get the “sparkling” effect on all the light sources – using a filter?

  2. Romain Guy says:

    This is a single, long exposure shot. I used an aperture of f/11 which helps a lot with the sharpness. A small aperture, f/11 and up, is also responsible for the “sparkling” effect on the light sources. The second shot is not as sharp even though the exposure was shorter (9 seconds vs 17 seconds) because there was a lot of wind and my tripod was not very sturdy.

  3. Henrik Mohr says:

    Alright, thanks. I guess a solid tripod is key. Gotta get a new one of those ;)

    Do you post process your pictures (other than putting together your panoramas)? The last sunset picture shows a lot of blue in the lowest part. Is that post processing or the work of a gradient filter?

  4. Romain Guy says:

    Henrik, it depends on what you mean by post-processing. Since I shoot only RAW, all my pictures are post-processed: white balance, toning, sharpening, etc. And the last picture was indeed shot with a gradient filter.

  5. Henrik Mohr says:

    Ok – thanks again.

    BTW: Looking forward to receive your book from Amazon! :-)

  6. Romain Guy says:

    Oh and I forgot, the boat was under the Golden Gate. That’s the bridge shadow that you can see on the water :)