Lassen National Park

A few pictures of Lassen National Park, located in northern California. A very beautiful, quiet and interesting place. The fumes and water were full of sulfur though…

Lassen Lake

Sulfur Fumes

Sulfur Cracks

Acid Lake

5 Responses to “Lassen National Park”

  1. Janitrix says:

    The last one is amazing ;)

    Thank’s for these pictures.

  2. Sergei says:

    Which RAW processing software do you use? Your results look stunning all the time, how much goes into Photoshop post-processing? I’d really like to see your before/after shots.

  3. thibaud says:

    No way Romain uses photoshop, he’s a Mac power User and uses Aperture !

    (Yo romain, c’est chocho, camarade de 5IF qui t’avais prété zelda, remember ? Ca fait plaisir.)

  4. Romain Guy says:

    Actually, I user Lightroom now :) The best thing would be a merge between Lightroom and Aperture, Lightroom being better for development and Aperture for general workflow.

    Sergei: In Photoshop I usually do some more curves/levels adjustment and I sharpen the final JPEG. That’s about it.

    Thibaud: \o/ Tu deviens quoi ?

  5. Marco Polo says:

    i really never thinking about that point. just also i’m a really newbie about that.