Java Roots

James Gosling just put online a video of the project Green user interface (141 MB). Green, and its language Oak which later became Java, was running on the Star7, some sort of PDA/remote control Sun Microsystems was working on. It was in 1992. Enjoy, it’s worth the look.

4 Responses to “Java Roots”

  1. Rob Eden says:

    The whole thing is worth it for the animation of Duke putting stuff in and taking stuff out of his pocket. :-)

  2. julius says:

    James Gosling is the father of iphone ?!

  3. Matt says:

    That’s pretty interesting. I’d always heard the vague story about Java originating in this “Green Project” thing, but I’d never really taken the time to find out what it was.

    It does look pretty cool, particularly for 1992. I think the UI would have driven me crazy, though — too darn slow!

  4. Romain Guy says:

    Matt, it was probably just a prototype. Remember they were building the hardware, the platform and the language at the same time.