Beautiful Swing

Palantir guys are doing the kind of applications I wish I worked on (at least on the UI.) Check out their screenshots.

4 Responses to “Beautiful Swing”

  1. La mauvaise nouvelle : pas sur que Google s’interesse à des interfaces si sophistiquée.
    La bonne nouvelle : si c’est pas au boulot que tu participes à ce type d’ui, cela signifie probablement que le blog vivra encore longtemps

  2. Pop says:

    Whaow, smart! The “hh2” screenshot is impressive.

  3. Romain Guy says:

    Daniel: Sorry I erased your comment by trying to unspam it. I love those web apps with no undo feature…

  4. Thamizharasu S says:

    Hi Romain,

    I know you have good experience with java swing. Can you please give me some idea on how can i design some UI with black background and sleek look. I had a look on Filthy rich client example also. There also you have used the black layer and all the controls are looking in that color. Can you please give me some idea from where i need to start to get that effect?