Filthy Rich Clients Demos as NetBeans Plugin

Geertjan sent us a great plugin for NetBeans 6. When installed, this plugin lets you open any of the examples from our book directly into NetBeans. Just click on the File > New Project... menu item, select your demo, and you’re done!

Alpha Window

To add this feature to NetBeans, you first need to download the plugin and the install it manually from the Tools > Plugins > Downloaded screen.

Last but not least, Geertjan is showing on JavaLobby how to use Filthy Rich Clients techniques in NetBeans. If your application is built on top of the NetBeans Platform, you might want to read these articles: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

11 Responses to “Filthy Rich Clients Demos as NetBeans Plugin”

  1. Patrick Wright says:

    This is great news and a really useful plugin. Distributing sample code in this way makes my life a lot easier; I try to follow so many projects that each additional step I need to get up-and-running just makes me want to defer the effort. In this case, it was an additional hassle because I can only run JDK 6 on a Linux image, which I’ve had to set up in a VM and get configured. This plugin saves a lot of time. Very cool.


  2. jocke says:

    awesome thanks alot

  3. DameryWorld says:

    Thank you for the plugin, I am not a Java programmer but I have been playing with it off and on for years now. I am glad to see that it is really getting much easier to build applications that seem much more powerful than they use to be… I hope to build some powerful applications in the future and these examples are a great step in that direction.

  4. Reasonable Guy says:

    I don’t why you guys keeps defending the java on the desktop , was not and will not be suitable for the desktop even if its getting faster and faster in every release optimizing and new Techniques but the memory thing is still a problem the java process took the highest memory size and keeps increasing and suddenly crash why coz there is no space what i wanna say that java is perfect for non gui applications its really an excellent language but for graphics and gui and client apps i don’t think so ….

    with all my respect …

  5. Rob says:

    …and because it is cross-platform and it works great! (We’ve deployed non-trivial applications on multiple platforms with great success.)

    (Plus, with Windows Vista everybody will have at least 2 GB of memory on their machines anyway! :-) )

  6. akin bahri says:

    thank you your’s lessons

  7. Mark :P says:

    For Reasonable Guy: have you ever programmed a big program in java to talk like that? ummm i don’t think so, because if you would then you would know that java is perfect for modern machines and handles memory just fine, maybe your old 486 machine can’t handle it but it’s not our problem :), upgrade your pc and try java once more, you’ll be amazed of how fast it can go with today’s machines…

    btw java is not the problem many times, but un experienced programmers that don’t tweak their own codes, once you really care about your code you’ll find that even with a lot of fancy effects the GUI and back end code are in perfect harmony :)

    Great job Romain Guy

  8. Fors says:

    “If you empower people to do what they most want to do, they’ll want to buy something in order to feel closer to you.”

  9. Very cool information. Thanks for this. Keep up the good work…