Adobe Thermo

The more I play with Flex, the more I like it. I’ve been following this technology for a few months now and today I just stumbled upon a very exciting article. It’s a report of Adobe MAX where a new tool, called Thermo, was showcased. Apparently it lets you turn a Photoshop mockup into a working UI in a matter of minutes. I have been dreaming of such an app for a very long time now and it seems that Adobe is on track to deliver something awesome. I can’t way to give it a try!

5 Responses to “Adobe Thermo”

  1. Jin Chun says:

    This (along the same lines as xaml/expression suite) is exactly what we need on the Java side, better, and more designer friendly tools so that both UI designers and programmers can seemlessly work in the same space. Please help us ;-).

  2. Romain Guy says:

    Once I almost started a tool to turn .psd files into Swing/Java 2D GUIs. Too bad Adobe does allow one to use their PSD file specs to write Open Source software. Note however that the tool Richard Bair and Jasper Potts wrote to create Nimbus is a great step in that direction!

  3. James Ward says:

    Hi Romain! Thermo is really exciting stuff! I wish you could have been at MAX to see it in person. I’m sitting in the MAX Sneaks session awaiting some other great announcements… :)


  4. Romain Guy says:

    Argh, you’re killing me :)