More Awesomeness From Adobe

Adobe just released the AIF Toolkit which lets you create GPU-accelerated visual effects by using some sort of a pixel shader programming language. Apparently this technology, Hydra, will be included in Flash. Hmm, time to learn Flash and Flex more deeply?

4 Responses to “More Awesomeness From Adobe”

  1. PoP says:

    Haha! I’m discovering Flex to, and I’m looking forward using it to build nice looking UI.
    I’m bookmarking this AIF Toolkit! :-)

  2. Casper says:

    Wow Adobe seems to be continue pushing hard for true innovation, something that has faded in Java in my opinion. No wonder PDF and Flash are de facto standards. Nice going Adobe!

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  4. Look at their component objects structure. That was so easy for me to add layout management to their UIComponent.
    To me, it’s like Swing without AWT.