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A380 over San Francisco

I shot those pictures two weeks ago, the day before the Blue Angels show (I’ll post pictures of this event later.) It is a tad funny that I had to come to the US to see the new French plane fly over me :)

Into the Blue

Big Bird

8 Responses to “A380 over San Francisco”

  1. bodo says:

    It’s an european plane, not a french plane :). Germany, Spain, England and France are working together to build this masterpiece of modern technology.

  2. pavan says:

    Hi romain,
    Are u planning to release the source code for the animated transitions library… i couldnt find the project on swing labs !

  3. m@nu says:

    very crisp and clean color. i very like your photo series :-)

  4. Casper says:

    Whoa, hanging there in the sky I must say it looks enormous. Impressive, nice pictures.

  5. That is incredible. Nice photography BTW.