Android and Google

Now you know what I’ve been up to at Google.


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  1. Ruxton says:

    Now lets just hope it gets some first class java support :P

  2. Brandon says:

    Well done! How long did it take you to pick the color? I bet that was the hardest part :)

  3. Romain Guy says:

    I wish I drew the logo :)

  4. Stephen says:

    Quick question; I’m not a cell phone guy at all, is there anything about Android that should interest me as a Java/Swing developer?

  5. Romain Guy says:

    Read the Developer section on the web site.

  6. Romain,
    Is there anything that Java does in the Android.I mean will Java be used anywhere in Android.
    Do I you need to wait till November 12, 2007 to know more about Android.

  7. Romain Guy says:

    Sorry, I cannot further comment about Android.

  8. Bravo Romain ! C’est génial. Il y a déjà quelques semaines / mois que j’avais deviné que tu travaillais sur ce projet…. Maintenant que c’est confirmé, j’imagine le genre de trucs cool que tu dois faire… J’ai hâte d’avoir plus de détails dans les prochaines semaines.

  9. Ruxton says:

    From what i’ve seen and read Esmertec is an part of the OHA. Based on that fact, i’d say they’d be bringing some kind of Java to the OS.

    If there was swing support on the device, that’d do a pretty good job of bridging the java gap that most phones seem to have.

  10. soma says:

    filthy rich phone os? Great!

  11. JPuppy says:

    Sun isn’t a member of the Alliance =(

  12. Andrew says:

    Very cool man. Here’s my guess…android has a full VM on it and most the “standard” apps were all written in Java…why else would they need a super cool swing developer?? ;) I can hope can’t I?? Can’t wait to see more detail on the 12th.

  13. Well, knowing that Romain works on it is even more refreshing than reading all the specs and the announcement :-) Longing to read the APIs in a week!

  14. Panos says:

    It seems that there will be no Java support by default… although it will be available through third parties.

  15. Olaf Geibig says:

    It would be so nice but unless google comes up with some kind of hardware acceleration I don’t think swing is possible on mobile phones. Swing needs floating point math and arm processors don’t have a FPU. I tried swing on my 400 Mhz arm based Linux PDA and I could watch how the UI components are being drawn.
    So unless the nvidia chip does not do the trick…

  16. Romain Guy says:

    Savaje’s phone was built with Swing.

  17. Olaf Geibig says:

    Savaje and JSR-209 yes, that means swing on mobiles but I guess it is a different implementation of the swing API tailored for less powerful devices. Probably with integer math as far as possible. So you are right about that. But Android shall run on 200 Mhz arm minimum and I have my doubts that this would be fast enough even for such lightweight swing. And Guy, do you really think swing makes sense on a 176×220 screen?

    Anyway I believe that you weren’t working on Android itself but that on November 12 we will see your beautiful swing UI of the Android SDK :)

  18. an Aerith-Fan says:

    Android will have a iPhone-like user-interface. I guess Aerith-developer Romain Guy helped to get the UI done. After all he knows much about Apple’s user-interfaces.

  19. Romain Guy says:

    I work on Android itself and I did not design any UI.

  20. Olaf Geibig says:

    I’m sorry I squeezed this information out of you – that was not my intention. I’m really surprised about that you did not work on the UI. My god, how good November 12th is near :)

  21. Julian Gamble says:

    “I love the project I’m working on at google!” 0>-


    Is Android a Swing Replacement Romain? Or is it a JavaFX replacement?

  22. herve says:

    Congratulations Romain ! At least, there is a frenchie involved with Android ! FT seems out of the picture…

    Romain’s skills are much wider than just java/swing. Login readers knew it ! ;o)

  23. Julien says:

    @Hervé: have FT EVER been in any good picture? ;-)

  24. JPuppy says:

    Come on man, it’s already 5am on the West Coast. Where’s that API? =)

  25. Johan Smolders says:

    Will the SDK be released for multiple platforms or just Windows? I’m hoping for a os X SDK aswell :)

  26. Romain Guy says:

    Look at The SDK is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.