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More photos

A couple of old pictures I should have uploaded a long time ago. They are far from perfect but I like them :)


Lone Tree

5 Responses to “More photos”

  1. You’re kidding ?
    Far from perfect ???
    Well, I guess it’s the same kind of modesty that made you pretend during a sooo long time you were only a Sun intern, while Aerith and other toy projects were pushed forward ….

  2. jake says:

    The “peaceful” image is quite nice. I’m using it as my wallpaper. Thanks!

  3. Romain Guy says:

    Nicolas, but I was an intern :) And as why I said “far from perfect,” it’s quite simple. The first picture is not sharp at all and the second one shows bad chromatic aberration when viewed at 100% :)

    But I’m glad you guys like them ^^

  4. Anil Philip says:

    Impossible! It is not a real photo. It is a photo of a poster of a photo which has been made artificial by tweaking in Photoshop or whatever.

  5. Romain Guy says:

    I printed the poster it myself, so that must count a little…