New Android SDK

After months of hard work, I am pleased to see our latest Android SDK publicly available. There are tons of new stuff for you to play with!

7 Responses to “New Android SDK”

  1. Alexis MP says:

    Congrats Romain on the release!

  2. Julien S says:


    yes it’s a great work this Android SDK! I just did a mini-game with this release (thank you BitmapDrawable ;-) ). It’s very simple and efficient.

    I hope I could install Android on my Smartphone soon.

    Julien S

  3. Pop says:

    Cool news, does it mean that you’ll be able to live a bit outside office for a few weeks? :-p

  4. Fatso says:

    Good news – what about some cool examples? I would love to see some :)

  5. Romain Guy says:

    I just added a sample application to browse Flickr accounts at

  6. gosha says:

    questions to all: why Android apps are so ugly? Or this is just me?