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Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf

14 Responses to “Fisherman’s Wharf”

  1. bitguru says:

    Pretty cool.

    Did the sun actually look like that, or are we seeing digital banding effects?

  2. BoD says:

    The colors! Wow!

  3. Blaise says:

    Wow these colours are terribles !

  4. Phil says:

    Wow, that pictures is wonderful. Would you mind sharing how much post-processing there was in the final image? Thanks

  5. Loïc says:

    Actually it’s not the sun, it’s a thermonuclear detonation. Right ?

  6. Rob Eden says:

    That’s a great picture, Romain!


  7. gosha says:

    Unfortunately, you use to many filters in your current shot… I doubt you can show me place on Fisherman’s Wharf with such color of water…

  8. Romain Guy says:

    goash: Unfortunately I do whatever I want with my photos :)

  9. gosha says:

    Of course, and I always like and enjoy your photos from either concept, composition, exposures, etc. This said, the current photo was to far in leu of “fake filters”… Of course, it is your photo and your choice what you do with it. Would be very interesting to know how-and-why regarding this particular photo… In any case, did not meant to offend you in anyway… Just offered my 2 cents on your blog… :)

  10. Romain Guy says:

    You didn’t offend me, but it’s the way I wanted this photo to be, because I like the way it looks. I just try to make photos that I think look nice :)

  11. gosha says:

    Thanks. It does look nice! (as all of your photos do). Best of luck in future shots and looking forward to see more great stuff from you. Regards!

  12. Barsum says:

    Splendid! Would you dare to show us the original photo, I’m just a beginner in taking photos and I would like to know how much to expect from the camera, and how much to expect from Photoshop. Please consider, allthough a magicial does’nt reveal his tricks ;)

  13. Patti Pocock says:

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