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Android Source Code and Launch

Today was a very exciting day for me and all the members of the Android team. Not only did we released the source code (more than 11 million lines of code) but T-Mobile also launched the first device, the G1, in select stores. Click the picture below for some photos to the launch event in San Francisco. This is very very exciting to finally see an Android product in the hands of actual users; it’s a weird and rewarding feeling after all the hard work we accomplished.

Boxed Logo

4 Responses to “Android Source Code and Launch”

  1. Pop says:

    Yeah! \o/
    I guess it must indeed feel strange to see REAL usere using what you’ve been working on for thousands of hours. I hope I’ll feel this one day too. :-)
    What was it that was written on the first customer’s t-shirt? “I was there to get it”?

  2. Manuel Kaess says:

    I hope that users will like the software and appreciate your awesome work. Can’t wait to hear your talk at the Devoxx. See you then!

  3. Francois says:

    Est-ce que c’est un PALM ? si oui est-il compatible Outlook ?

  4. justin says:

    Viva Android! Noticed that one of your t-mobile boxes is upside down. Adds to the character of the photograph. I like it. Keep up the great photography!