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Road Trip 2008 : Antelope Canyon #2

Antelope Canyon Bright

3 Responses to “Road Trip 2008 : Antelope Canyon #2”

  1. Michael Behrisch says:

    Wow… Nice photo… Great work (just like the others, too)

    By the way :) I’d loved to read new articles in the swing section :)

    cu michael

  2. Romain Guy says:

    Thanks :) As for Swing, it’s unfortunate but the only thing I’ve done with it lately was a couple of tools for the Android SDK.

  3. Michael Behrisch says:

    No problem… I’m very very interested in this, too. Currently I’m getting into this topic (esp. the opengl support…) It would be great if you could show the readers a few tricks??

    thx Michael