New Book, “When I am King”

Chet Haase, friend, co-author and former colleague of mine, just published his new book, When I am King.

If you know Chet or if you’ve seen him speak in public you may know about his bad habit of cracking jokes all the time. I’ll even dare say he’s a funny guy. When I am King is a collection of the jokes, puns and funny stories Chet posts regularly on his blog. I found it to be a very enjoyable book that you can read little by little and I promise you’ll get a least a few smiles out of it (check out the copyright legal blurb at the beginning for instance.)

When I am King

Chet and I will be at Devoxx together to give yet another Filthy Rich Clients talk. If you plan n going to our session and if you get lucky, I might convince Chet to replace his boring part of the talk about Flex by a standup comedy show.

4 Responses to “New Book, “When I am King””

  1. bitguru says:

    You call it “When I am Kind” once. Is that a typo or a freudian slip?

    Actually, that wouldn’t be a bad name for a book.

  2. java developer says:

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  3. Sammy Deprez says:

    I was on the University days of Devoxx and you are actually right, he is funny.
    Too bad, I wasn’t the loser of the G1, or the winner. So I didn’t get the book.

    Top presentations of you and Chet, really, I enjoyed it to listen to you both.

    Preach the word further!! :D

    Sammy (a student)