Official Android Development Phones

As of today, developers can buy an Android development phone. What is so great about it? It is not SIM-locked and you can flash the firmware with the Open Source Android code base. These developments phones are basically what the Android team uses every day. They’re even better because they are based on the final production design.

Android Development Phone

Go get your your Dev Phone 1, write applications, write patches for the platform and come join the fun!

Also, I’ll be presenting two sessions on Android next week at Devoxx :)

19 Responses to “Official Android Development Phones”

  1. Manuel Kaess says:

    Hey Romain,

    how much will those development phones cost and – as you said they are SIM lock free – will I be able to use it for phone call as well?

    Will you bring some of these to your presentation at the DeVoxx?

    Looking forward to hearing your talk on the Android SDK.

    à la semaine prochaine,

  2. Romain Guy says:

    The phone is available right now and costs $399, and can be used to make phone calls. I will have a few devices with me at Devoxx, although not the Android Dev Phone 1, but T-Mobile G1s.

  3. ML says:

    Is it available in white?

  4. Daniel Klein says:

    Woah… $178 just for shipping it to Germany! I would’ve ordered one right away, but not for THESE shipping charges!


  5. Romain Guy says:

    This includes custom taxes. These are unfortunately expensive and depend on the country.

  6. Pop says:

    Don’t forget the 25$ of Android Market membership. ;-)

  7. Thomas says:

    Hm, the price tag for Germany is indeed an unfortunate barrier, especially for students which drive much open source development. I wonder how nokia managed to ship n770 development devices for 100 euros (all in) to german developers…

  8. Wim Bervoets says:

    Too bad Belgium is not on the shipping list yet :-/

    Looking forward to your Filthy Rich Clients session on Devoxx.


  9. Mihai says:

    I’ am also looking forward to getting my hands on one of these babies, but for now, Romania is not on the shopping list either. I think they should arrange their distribution to work better and quicker, that will get a boost to the development on the Android platform.

  10. Unfortunately this phone doesnt have GPS built in like the G1.

    Also if you are outside the US you have all these extra import fees & tariffs added into your shipping charges.

    ,Michael Martin

  11. Ineke Van Severen says:

    Dear Sir,

    is it possible that I found your USB-stick in Room 5 of Metropolis, Antwerp, during the conference concerning JavaFX. I wasn’t able to check its content till this evening. I found a presentation on “Filthy Rich Clients” and since I followed the seminar this afternoon, I thought the stick would be yours or mr Chat Haase’s. Could you please contact me so I could return the stick, because I only followed the University Days at Devoxx.

    Sincerely yours
    Ineke Van Severen

  12. Bart Vanhoutte says:

    I’ve learned alot from the talks at Devoxx, thanks for that!

    ps: Hi Ineke :p

  13. I call bollocks on the customs fees. For Switzerland, the Google order form wants to charge USD 210.00.

    The customs fee calculation for this type of package to Switzerland goes as follows: Deduct US VAT if it is on the price (let’s leave it at 399.00 for the example, 0.00 US taxes). Deduct the “free shipping” that’s included in the US price (0.00 since I don’t know how much that is). Add 7.6% Swiss VAT (30.33). Add shipping (UPS Worldwide Expedited) USD 99.94. Total fees including customs USD 130.26. Still steep, but better, and removing US VAT and shipping cost should bring that down a few more dollars.

    If the sender manages to put a full commercial invoice on the OUTSIDE of the package, Swiss customs will not charge the CHF 10.00 customs inspection fee either, just the VAT. I suppose this is what “dutiable” and “non-dutiable” refers to when getting a price quote from one of the express delivery services.

    Doesn’t the USPS offer some slow-as-snail service that could be used instead? I suspect that the shipping service the shop offers is set one notch too fast, making it one notch too expensive. There’s always the option of shipping the phone to a friend in the US, of course, but who wants to annoy people? :)

    Maybe I should sneak into the Google research center in Zürich and see if they have a group order going on any time soon.

  14. To give an update on that, the USPS ships a 2 lb. package to Switzerland for USD 27.00. Add taxes and you’re at USD 57.33.

  15. Pretty neat. I think Apple should release a phone like this too, so developers can test their apps. Its kind of a pain when you can your regular phone with a contract on it.

  16. Beattie says:

    After reading this I thought it was really informative. I appreciate you taking the time to insert this blog piece together. I the moment again discover myself spending way to very much time both reading and commenting. What ever, it was still worth it

  17. Khush says:

    Is it available in India? and if yes then at what cost? And please give the advantages of development phone.