Aerith widgets library in NetBeans

Julian Gamble just pointed me to his new open source project, aerithnetbeans. This project offers most of the widgets we created for Aerith as a reusable library that integrates nicely with NetBeans’ GUI editor. If you are interested, I invite you to check out the showcase movies.

One Response to “Aerith widgets library in NetBeans”

  1. Mohamed Mansour says:

    Nice :) I bought your book last week, and it was actually, the best java book I have ever read, period! I like how you did the effects and performance was taken into consideration greatly in your examples. You should show us more Swing tricks/tutorials on your blog, take a break on android just a bit :)

    That splash component is kinda cool, you just drag it to the window, and it automatically recognizes it as a splash screen.