Upcoming conference talks

The next few weeks will be quite busy for me. I’ll be at Google I/O the last week of May in San Francisco to give a talk on Android entitled Turbo-charge your UI. If you want to learn cool techniques on how to improve the performance of your Android applications, that’s where you want to be! There will be other very interesting Android talks so if you are an Android developer or wish to become one, I can only encourage you to attend. To make things even better, the registration is actually pretty cheap.

The week following Google I/O, I will be at CommunityOne West, still in San Francisco, to talk about Android again. Actually, this will be (almost) the same talk as Google I/O. CommunityOne is always fun and it’s free.

Finally, I will be at JavaOne to deliver a session (twice) about animations with my good friend Chet Haase. This talk will be language-agnostic, but there will be demos, and the techniques we’ll discuss apply to Swing/Java 2D, Flex, Android, Java FX and any other UI toolkit. I don’t think we’re gonna give away Flex books this year but you’ll be able to laugh at Chet. I mean, laugh at his jokes.

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