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San Francisco

San Francisco

7 Responses to “San Francisco”

  1. Wow, gorgeous picture! Really really nice.

  2. Mohamed Mansour says:

    I wish it looked like that when I visited :)

  3. Still need to comment how nice this is, showing it to all my friends and co-workers! They are all stunned :)

  4. KhaledE says:

    très belle photo mais je me demande si vous auriez des recommandations pour acheter un appareil photo je suis totalement newbie dans la photo mais j aimerai bien me lancer. any advice ? thx

  5. snihf says:

    Impressive !

  6. Dom Derrien says:

    Nice to see you on stage at Google I/O ;) C’était sympa de te voir après avoir lu tes entrées de blog depuis un bon bout de temps.

    A+, Dom

  7. Ted Rienstra says:

    Hi there, amazing blog you have right here, although I just had to tell you about what could possibly be considered a web browser compatibility issue. I am running Windows XP 32 bit with Chrome, and the format is all messed up. It’s a little bit hard to check out some aspects of your blog, and I’m running my resolution at 1680 x 800. I believe you did not intend for your webpage to appear so strange, and so is there any way you’ll be able to help me deal with this matter?