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Japan 2009: Okayama

Hanging Leaves

6 Responses to “Japan 2009: Okayama”

  1. PoP says:

    Now this will do a perfect new wallpaper for my laptop. :-)

  2. Gauthier says:

    In Okayama there is an incredible castle and you take a picture of a damn leaf, that could have been anywhere in the world !

  3. Romain Guy says:

    I also have pictures of the castle but they suck :p

  4. Paksy Davis says:

    It’s very nice! This will be my new wallpaper! ;)
    ( I’m eager to know, how do you shoot pictures with other than 3:4 aspect-ratio… :D )

  5. Romain Guy says:

    Well, to begin with my camera does not produce pictures with a 4:3 aspect ratio and very often I crop my pictures :)

  6. karumen says:

    wow nice….leaves turning red so early on! i miss my days in okayama…