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Road Trip 2009: Sailing Stone

Sailing Stone

This is one of the sailing stones at the racetrack playa in Death Valley. The racetrack is reachable by car but be prepared for 27 miles of very rough road. I geotagged this photo; click the photo then click on the map link in the bottom right of this page to see its location.

Racetrack playa is an amazing place and if you go to Death Valley I really encourage you to go check it out.

4 Responses to “Road Trip 2009: Sailing Stone”

  1. PoP says:

    And the rock is moved around by the wind? Makes me think of Pratchett’s delirium about ships sailing in the Australian desert.

  2. ctate says:

    How big is are the sailing stones in these photographs? I gather most of them are fairly small, but some are quite large…?

  3. Aweseme info. I used to spend alot of my time wakeboarding and watching games. It was possibly the best period of my life and your blog kind of brought back me of that time. Thanks

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