Android at Devoxx 09

I will be at Devoxx from November the 16th to the 20th to talk about Android. My session will explain how to write resolution independent applications. I will also introduce you to a new exciting graphics technology we’ve been working on.

2 Responses to “Android at Devoxx 09”

  1. Andrew Bourgeois says:

    Thank you for the really interesting session about Andriod!
    Your session was actually the only one I enjoyed during the 2 University days @ Devoxx(Because you were the only one who showed me some useful Java code… not the abstract talks I had to endure for 2 days).

    Oh and your book, Filthy Rich Client, is awesome… ;)

  2. Yacir M Turk says:

    hello… how about the video of this session… i ve also added u on fb