Android Party

Green Ice Android

Ice Android

Sculpting Android

29 Responses to “Android Party”

  1. PacoBell says:

    Awesome work to be sure, but why does it seem to me to be a little funereal in appearance? Resemble a tombstone much?

  2. Bara Kathawa says:

    Awesome. What do I have to do to get an Android-themed party too?

  3. Alex Danvy says:

    It looks more like a milestone than a tombstone too me.
    I would say a frozen milestone to celebrate Fro(zen)Yo(gourt) milestone accomplishment.
    Good job Android Team !

  4. xavier7 says:

    I really like three green themed one :)

  5. regan says:

    Next time jparks and I are so getting a sitter so we don’t have to leave early and miss awesome stuff like this.

  6. Tama Therres says:

    With the new Android OS editions, I don’t believe task killers are necessary. On my N1 I note no difference in speed when killing tasks; still, on my Hero operating 1.5 there was a evident difference after killing some apps (like Google Maps).

  7. awesome….. very goodd..

  8. Mae Insana says:

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