Over there

Over there

8 Responses to “Over there”

  1. Wadael says:

    Fantastic composition.

    As you wrote : not perfect.

    It lacks a bit of DOF.
    If I was the author I would wish to have the RAW of it & expect progress in noise-reducing software

    I presume it is either a crop or taken in a zoo.

    Try to turn it B&W, deliberately blurring it

    So long & thanks for all the droids :)


  2. Romain Guy says:

    It lacks DOF because I couldn’t do otherwise. I shot this picture almost in the dark (as you can tell by the use of 6,400 ISO.) I did use noise-reducing software but I deliberately turned it down a notch because the result was not great looking. And I don’t mind leaving noise on this photo. I tried B&W but it’s just not my style :)

  3. Romain Guy says:

    And it’s not a crop, it was taken in a zoo in Tokyo (as you can tell by the tags on Flickr.)

  4. zepouet says:

    Maybe you can add a little more sharpness with a highpass filter around the eyes.
    The best pictures are not mandatories these with great sharpness.

    Good game

  5. Wadael says:

    In my opinion, there is a kind of magic in this shot.
    My point is that with noise-reducing software getting better with time, you’ll get a better result. Later.

  6. xfrogg says:

    I like the short DOF because it focuses all my attention on the eye, eyebrow and then nostrils. Don’t need anymore information :)

  7. PoP says:

    We don’t care about noise, narrow DOF or whatsoever technical issue. This picture is powerfull and speaks.

  8. jill says:

    that is one mean lookin monkey. Nice shot!!