False Kiva

False Kiva

False Kiva is a beautiful, impressive and strange place. The hike to False Kiva from the road is pretty short but you have to know where you are going.

The exact location of the False Kiva is not on the park maps and the park rangers do their best to protect this site. When you arrive to this spot, you find a metal box with instructions, asking you to not divulge the precise location. By respect for the rangers I will not give any information here but if you send me an email I can give you the GPS coordinates.

2 Responses to “False Kiva”

  1. Kevin says:

    Amazing photo. I would love to see you do a series on how you create these images, starting with composition and camera settings, all the way through post processing techniques. Would be very interesting!

  2. My hubby and I arrived here simply because this internet page has been tweeted by a girl I had been following and feel very I made it here.