Android presentations at Google I/O 2011

I had the chance to spend two full days at Google I/O 2011 earlier this week and I enjoyed spending so much time talking with many Android developers. You guys are doing an amazing job and I can’t wait to download and use some of the apps you showed me!

Google I/O was also the occasion for me to give two presentations about Android with my friend and colleague Chet Haase: Honeycomb Highlights and Android Accelerated Rendering. I am happy to announce that the slides for both these sessions are now available.

Our first session, Honeycomb Highlights, is an overview of the new features for users and developers you can find in Android 3.0:

Our second session, Android Accelerated Rendering, explains how to use the new OpenGL 2D rendering pipeline in your applications:

You can also download the source code of our animations demo from Google Code. This demo also shows how to properly use hardware acceleration and hardware layers.


7 Responses to “Android presentations at Google I/O 2011”

  1. the100rabh says:

    Hi Romain,
    I think link for Download the slides (PDF, with speaker notes) of Android Accelerated Rendering is not correct, its giving 404

  2. Libero says:

    Hi Romain, just wanted to thank you for the awesome slides on the new rendering pipeline, looking forward to get the code.

  3. Josh says:


    I attended the conference and really enjoyed it. I didn’t get to attend either of these sessions, although I really wanted to, however I will be watching them online soon. Thanks a lot for supplying the slides.

    You guys all did a great job and I came home with a few new ideas. Unfortunately I haven’t had a minute to sit down and start coding yet, but the sessions have me excited to load up IDE and get to work.

    Thanks for the great work, and hope to see you all next year!

  4. Gary Wang says:

    Hi Romain, Thanks for your sharing!

  5. meed2000 says:

    Ok I’m finally enthusiast about Android. The UI framework is really getting good.
    Thanks to the whole team behind this, Romain/Chet, you are taking this to the right direction.
    I’m finally happy to see that objective-C/web dev is not unavoidable any more when it comes to mobile Dev.

  6. Sharavan says:

    Hello Roman,
    Thanks for the presentations it is really helpful , however I am not able to download the demo code , as it does not exist. Would you mind checking it again.