I recently discovered MyColorScreen where Android users publish their beautiful home screen setups. I am impressed by the work and care that people put in customizing their home screen and I am also proud to see this because it’s exactly what we intended when we decided users could replace the default Launcher with their own.

Since some of you asked to see my own setup, here it is. It’s basic and boring but very efficient for me.


6 Responses to “Launcher”

  1. Hrk says:

    A lot of change since your last screenshots :) More folders, more widgets, but the “Emily Guy application” is still there :)

    I don’t like to “waste” screen. I always use the full capacity of the screen to be more efficient while going through apps.

  2. Romain Guy says:

    I find this inefficient. It makes it harder to find what you’re looking for.

  3. Hrk says:

    Usually you know the place of each icon by heart if you use them frequently.

  4. pilgr says:

    My setup is more simple. Just clean desktop with clock. Personally, I’m a lazy a bit in rearrange apps to desktops and folders.
    So I use my own app AppDIaler to search and launch any app with a like T9 “Dialer”.
    Would be interested, if this app help you too :)

  5. venta7 says:

    I like simple and clean screens, make you more efficient than the cluttered ones.
    My setup is similar.
    I’m just curious what is the music player app on the last screen?

  6. Feisal says:

    When the luncher shows the shadow of icons, it looks like it detects the transparent region in a bitmap and stroke around those transparent region. Would you please provide an insight on how it is done.

    Thanks in advance