Android sessions at Google I/O 2013

Android IO

Google I/O 2013 is almost over but a lot of sessions are already available online. I gave three talks this year and you can watch them today on YouTube:

In addition you can download the slide for the Android Graphics Performance talk:

And the slides for A Moving Experience:

If you have a copy of Keynote I recommend you choose this format to get both the notes and all the animations on the slides. Enjoy!

13 Responses to “Android sessions at Google I/O 2013”

  1. JJ says:

    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. HC says:

    with notes is awesome. thank you guy.

  3. muik says:

    Could I download the slide for Writing Custom Views for Android?

  4. Russell says:

    Where can I find the code for ‘A Moving Experience’? Can’t seem to find it anywhere…

  5. zhaocong says:

    Thanks for the slides!

    Yeah, I also would like to have the slide “Writing Custom Views for Android” :-)

  6. Phuoc Nguyen says:

    I also want to get the slides of “Writing Custom Views for Android”.
    Please share it. Thanks you very much

  7. Patrick says:

    I’m not entirely sure who to contact on the issue of problems with the new sandboxed InAppBilling. IS THIS A INTENDED functionality which limits the length of List moreSkus when querying:

    iabHelper.queryInventoryAsync(true, moreSkus, indexPurchaseFinishedListener);

    It turns out that if I query up to 20 SKUs – all works out fine. As soon as I go above 20 ->

    getSkuDetails() failed: 5:Developer Error”

  8. julian says:

    the link to “Writing custom views” slides would be awesome but unfortunately the link is missing from the google io session page.

  9. roger says:

    HardwareRenderer failed and fall back to Software rendering when PerfHUD ES Connected

    In my Nexus 7 (4.2.2), start an app such as Google+, it will run with HW renderer by default, but when I start PerfHUD, and when it connected, following log will show, it fall back to SW render and do not use GL anymore, why and how to fix it?

    06-14 13:52:50.170: W/HardwareRenderer(5227): EGL error: EGL_BAD_PARAMETER
    06-14 13:52:50.180: W/HardwareRenderer(5227): Mountain View, we’ve had a problem here. Switching back to software rendering.

  10. Romain Guy says:

    It happens. It’s a bug in Nvidia’s PerfHUD driver.

  11. roger says:

    Are they plan to fix this in near future, or has some trick can bypass this?

  12. Ran Arad says:


    I found some of the code samples on Codedependent:

    For instance, the sample for ActivityAnimations (including the nice ShadowLayout) is here: