Google I/O 2014 Slides and Demo

Chet and I gave a talk entitled “Material Witness” at Google I/O today. I am happy to announce that the entire talk is now available on YouTube. I have also published the following resources:

Google I/O 2014 demo

6 Responses to “Google I/O 2014 Slides and Demo”

  1. BCAA says:

    thank you very much for all the details, i hope everything gonne be alright. No pain and no gain, the only truth

  2. Abdelah SELASSI says:

    Thank you for open sourcing the demo !

  3. Guillermo says:

    thanks for the material, add a post to share, this is the link:

  4. Rocky says:

    Although it may not be appropriate, but still bother to ask a question here, where can I find all Google I/O 2014 slides in PDF format? Thanks.

  5. Prateek Sharma says:

    Hi Romain,
    I am not able to find how showPhoto method is getting called. Can you please help in this.
    Rest code I am able to understand.

  6. boss says:

    Thank you for open sourcing the demo !