I finally joined Twitter, @romainguy. I still don’t quite understand it, but I’m trying :)


I would like to apologize to the loyal readers of this blog for the lack of updates since last december. Android is a fascinating project which keeps me very busy at work and I would probably need to clone myself a few times to implement all the features I would like to see in it. I’ve also spent quite some time settling in my new life in California and this blog was the unfortunate victim of those time-consuming tasks. I do not despair coming back to my writings very soon. I can at least tell you that Filthy Rich Clients will be back this year at JavaOne, maybe with a surprise :)


Curious Creature is an upgrade of my previous blog, hosted on JRoller. There’s still a lot to be done (to be hype, let’s consider this blog a beta) and you’ll probably see more things coming up during the next few weeks.

You can already check out my photos. I will try to set up the software pages as soon as possible. I’ll show my coolest Swing demos, among other things, on that page. Last but not least, I’ll try to create my own theme for this web site. The current one is okay but it’s not what I had in mind. Besides, its HTML code is a mess (do not try to XHTML-validate this site please ;-).

I hope you enjoy Curious Creature. Do not hesitate to post a comment to tell me about anything you would like to see here. Suggestions are most welcome!

Welcome to Curious Creature

Chet Haase is a Sun Microsystems Java engineer, but mostly a jester. He tells jokes. Good ones. All the time. Anyway, he finally opened a non-tech blog where you can read his (good) non-tech writings. You won’t regret it!

Chet is Back!