Even though I don’t spend a lot of time playing video games, I do play to a lot of different games, mostly on consoles (I keep a PC mostly to play to adventures games like the new Sam and Max series.)

I currently own a Wii, an XBox 360 and a Nintendo DS. I’m running out of interesting games, having just finished Zelda on the Wii, and I’d like your advice. What games do you like on those systems? Which ones should I try? I know I want to play to Hotel Dusk on the Nintendo DS but other than that, I don’t have much inspiration.

Today, I picked up Excite Truck for the Wii and it’s a very fun game. At least if you like crazy racing games.

Wii Love Games

After the XBox 360 unveiled last week, here comes the Sony Playstation 3. You can see pictures and detailled characteristics on GameSpot, IGN and GameKult. Like Microsot’s product, the PS3 is white-dressed and offers mind-blowing computing power. I really like its slick design. The PS3 also offers an incredible amount of connectivity ports and you can use your PSP handheld as a pad. I really hope Microsoft will loose against it (I have a XBox, I know what I’m talking about :).

I can’t wait to see the Nintendo Revolution now.

Next Gen

Eric Chahi and FoxySofts just decided to offer us the best possible gift… a free and legal ROM of Another World, ported from PC to GameBoy Advance. Another World is the french name of Out of This World, a wonderful and stunning game released in 1990 on Atari and Amiga by Delphine Software. This company later published and Fade to Black, among other cool titles.

If you never played to Another World/Out of This World, go grab it as well as a GBA emulator. Graphics might seem a little bit outdated but they were just amazing back in 1990. You’ll still be impressed by the animations. The gameplay is also a bit outdated, you die at the first hit and you need passwords to save your progress, but this game is really worth the try, trust me :)

Another World for GBA… for Free!