I’ve been using IntelliJ IDEA 8 since its recent release and I love it. There are not many new features I will use but the UI and performance improvements are most welcome. Congratulations to the JetBrains team for another excellent release!

IntelliJ IDEA 8

I spent the whole day using IntelliJ 7.0 and so far I am very pleased with the update. Three major improvements are making my life much easier. First, the IDE seems faster and more responsive on some operations (on a project containing tens of thousands of files). Then the debugger offers a better layout and all the issues I had with it in IntelliJ 6.0 seem to be gone. Finally, the Perforce integration is finally on par with the rest of the IDE. Annoying bugs are gone and useful new features are available.

Thanks a lot to JetBrains for this very nice upgrade!

First Steps With IntelliJ 7.0