Daniel Spiewak just published a very nice introduction to Fuse at JavaLobby. I wish I had spent more time working on Fuse this year but at least it works really well. I know that Daniel is using it, or was using it, in a big Swing application.

Introduction to Fuse

Daniel Spiewak, editor for the EclipseZone, and I released Fuse 0.4 this weekend. Fuse is a resource injection library mainly thought for GUI programming. I presented Fuse several times in this blog already.

The two major features in Fuse 0.4, at least to me, are the resource caching to improve performance and the auto injection facilities. For instance, when you build a Swing UI, Fuse is able to detect any new component you add in a JFrame and automatically inject its resources.

While Fuse was created to help build Aerith, it lacked real world testing. Daniel has been using it for almost a year now in a large-scale product and this helped him get rid of many bugs and improve performance. Fuse is released under the BSD license and provides support for both Swing and SWT.

Resource Injection with Fuse 0.4

Due to several (very) annoying constraints and problems with my visa for my upcoming internship, I had to cancel my participation in Desktop Matters and The Server Side Java Symposium this month. However, Chet agreed to replace me and deliver the talks. It’s even better for you because he has a better american accent and tells funny jokes.

My apologies to the attendees and to the organizers. I love to deliver technical sessions and discuss Desktop Java with the audience. And I would have loved to attend Desktop Matters to meet engineers from Microsoft, Adobe and Apple.

I am so disappointed @!# Hopefully, I’ll be at the Sun Tech Days in Paris (free registration on Sun’s web site) and at JavaOne 2007. There’s some justice after all :)

Conferences: Cancelled

Ben Galbraith, Dion Almaer and the No Fluff Just Stuff team are preparing a developer conference focused on desktop technologies. In case you haven’t noticed the banner on this web page, it’s called Desktop Matters and takes place in San Jose, CA, on Thursday March 8 and Friday March 9.

Most of the conference material is about desktop Java technologies but there will be some sessions about Adobe’s, Apple’s and Microsoft’s solutions. It seems like a good opportunity to discover other technologies and talk about them with specialists. Also, some members of the Swing team should be present in case you’d be interested to meet them.

I will be present to talk about Filthy Rich Clients. Hope to see you there!

Desktop Matters

Fuse needs your help with SWT. If you know SWT, go take a look and send an email to Daniel if you think you can solve these issues :)

Help Wanted With SWT